Academic Advising

Obtain a High School Diploma or Vocational, CEGEP and University Prerequisites

All of our Academic Services are free for permanent residents of Quebec.

Our Academic Advisor is available to help Quebec permanent resident adults with educational and career decision making. Our Advisor will help you set an educational or career path. We will provide you with current information on your graduation requirements, or information on applying for technical vocational schools, CEGEP or university.

-        Registering students for our Day or Evening Sessions

-        Thoroughly examining transcripts to provide proper course selection

-        Developing an Academic course plan for a High School Diploma or CEGEP and University 

-        Aiding students with College Applications and Letters of Intent

-        Updating student grades through SRAM and CAS for the various Colleges

-        Helping students navigate through their academic choices

Please contact our Advisor

Cindy Romeo


Academic Advising office hours

Office hours:     Monday to Thursday 12:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

                        Friday by appointment

Students may obtain secondary school credits towards a diploma or go on to vocational education or post-secondary studies.

Requirements to obtain a Quebec High School Diploma 

The Secondary School Diploma (General Education) in the Adult Sector is awarded to students who have obtained 54 credits in Cycle Two (Levels 4 & 5) from which at least 20 credits are in Level 5.
These credits include the following subjects
ENGLISH MOTHER TONGUE                            Level 5 completed
FRENCH SECOND LANGUAGE                          Level 5 completed
MATH                                                               Level 4 (minimum 4 credits)
SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY                           Level 4 (minimum 4 credits)
SOCIAL                                                             Level 4 (minimum 4 credits)
OPTIONAL SUBJECTS                       
Number varies according the the number of 
credits remaining to reach 54 credits

The pass mark is 60% for courses created since 1989 

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